At just 20 years old, Jaden Smith has long been a trendsetter in the entertainment world. Fresh off his acclaimed showings on recent tracks with both Young Thug and Logic, Jaden’s latest collab with G-Star aims to leave consumers looking fly while embracing the sustainability of Earth’s fundamental elements.

In a partnership with G-Star Raw, the actor/artist has released his Forces of Nature collection, a fashion line created with the purpose of both environmental sustainability and innovative designs. In a recent press release, the SYRE star opened up about the Forces of Nature collection and his partnership with G-Star.

“G-Star is at the forefront of denim and sustainable denim technology in fashion, which is why I wanted to collaborate with them. It’s thought out from the very beginning of the process, from the denim fabric to the dyes to the waters being reused and recycled, to the washes – all of these different things is what made me decide to be part of G-Star.”

The collection, which was recently unveiled at the Hype Fest cultural festival in Brooklyn, is made up of three different colorways that will not only make you feel like you’re one with nature, but that you just might be able to draw up some sort of super powers from Mother Earth herself. Jaden broke them down into three categories.

Water: The Blue Colorway is designed to channel Earth’s most powerful resource, water. G-Star uses the first ever Cradle to Cradle Certified denim fabric to capture the sustainability and cleanliness of the world’s most abundant element in a way that presents zero risk for both people and the planet. It’s made up of 100 percent organic cotton and a dye that uses 70 percent less chemicals than typical denim.

Earth: The Ecru Colorway uses no dyes at all, making the fabric completely recyclable and probably feels fantastic on your skin. Eclipse: The Black Colorway is said to be the most dramatic of the line, representing G-Star’s holistic approach with the brand’s most sustainable black denim that they’ve ever developed.

Watch G-Star Raw's video announcing the collab with Jaden below.—Joseph Echevarria

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