Jadakiss was the pen behind Diddy's lines on some classic tracks but The Lox member says it wasn't a task he enjoyed at all.

On Tuesday (Sept. 20), Kiss was guest on Smoke DZA'a The Personal Party Podcast. During the chat among colleagues, DZA remarked about Jadakiss' ability as a ghostwriter for other artists when the Yonkers, N.Y. native revealed it's the gift and curse.

"I really hated it," Jadakiss admitted at the 38:38-mark of the interview. "Puff, after giving him '[All About] the Benjamins,' 'Señorita,' 'Victory,' a couple remixes, I used to feel like it was taking away too much from me. I ain't know how to morph. It ain't like he a nigga that I knew my whole life that I can just scribe him how I think he should be. I ain't feel like I could write the bars for myself and give it to him, because I ain't feel like it fit him. He had too much money. I was still extra grungy. My mind couldn't think of that much Versace or being on that type of financial level."



He continued, "It used to conflict with me writing for him. But he just used to tell me, 'Give me the shit that you would say for you.' I'm like, 'It ain't gon' fit for you.' He used to know how to make it work."

Jadakiss is one of many rappers who have made a side hustle penning rhymes for other artists. Following The Lox and Dipset's now-famous Verzuz hits battle last year, Diddy congratulated Jadakiss' stellar performance and commended Kiss for penning his "Benjamins" lyrics.

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