I always know what I'm getting into when it comes to the Ozone Awards. I usually enjoy myself. But for better or worse, I knew three things going into this year's event: 1) A Rick Ross-related incident was likely to happen. 2) Birds would be in the building (Editor's Note: Not the ones the Feds are after, either!) and 3) The red carpet was gonna suck.

Nonetheless, this past weekend was filled with plenty of great, funny, sad and SMH moments. Here are my personal best/worst Ozone moments in no particular order.

Donkeys and Pelicans: The Ozone scene stays a sword fight, but there's always lots of eye candy. This year was no different. But don't get fooled by the donkeys. Close-ups are often disappointing and there are more pelicans than wifey types. Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!

Vultures: Poor pelicans. They were always a step away from harassment. I feel bad for them, but I must say some of these episodes were sadly hilarious. Just last night, one of three dudes stepped into the elevator and immediately asked if the girl standing next to me was mine. NOPE, I said. Dude then immediately cornered her and made a few advances before grabbing her bubble on the way out. SMH!

Webbie's Ready: So I'm on the carpet interviewing Boosie, and Webbie randomly pops up.

Webbie: What's up? What's up? [To No One In Particular]

Jackpot: What's good, Webbie?

Webbie: ...Oh! I thought it was going down for a minute.

So apparently Webbie ran over because he thought a fight was about to break out on the red carpet. Between who, I have no clue? We looked at him, kept it moving and he just magically disappeared.

Chamillionaire: We interviewed Cham for over an hour, witnessed him giving a wad of money to a homeless man and then just chopped it up about anything under the sun off. Shouts to Cham. Always one of my favorite MCs to interview.

Can I Get An Interview?: The second people saw the XXL mic flag [Editor's Note: Newly purchased, suckers!], they just wanted to be friends. It got tired to tell MC Lil' Yung Big I had all the interviews I needed. Some of them actually got mad when their requests were denied. Sigh!

Crooked's Diamond Cuts: I shook Crooked I's hand Saturday afternoon and my finger brushed on his bracelet -resulting in a minor cut on my finger. Funny stuff. Shouts to Crooked.

Slogans & T-Shirts: Recession or not, the T-shirt business must be booming. Get Rich Records, Make Doe Records, Nuff Scrilla Records, Beaucoup Cash Records, Got Money Records and Get Guap Records all had street teamers wearing the respective label's T's. My personal favorite shirt: "Papa Duck, No Deal, No Problem." On another note, I love Haitian Fresh, but I'm not too sure what to make of his new "Haitian Fresh Or Die" campaign.

Bushwick Bill Shares The Love: We bumped into a festive Bushwick Bill in the Hilton lobby on our way to the Chamillionaire interview. With only 10 minutes to spare, we decided to quickly grab him for this package we're working on. Little do you know Bill was passing the mic to his entourage, including little kids, 40-something-fathers-of-three rookie rappers from his label and Houston O.G.s. Though it made for interesting bites, we had to split cause Cham was waiting. Sorry Bill.

Niggorance: There were just too many "nigga moments" to list, but word is they only gave out the first Ozone Award hours after the show started. They apparently misplaced the trophies and couldn't find them. Wow!

Beatdowns: I had a feeling someone would try to test Ross behind this C.O. controversy. I didn't hear about him being heckled, but someone in his camp allegedly beat up DJ Vlad at some point during the artist panel. Elsewhere, Boosie and his crew "had to beat a nigga for an hour straight" at Club Glo and someone (allegedly Trae) snuffed Mike Jones in a hallway behind the Media Center during the award show.