Jack Harlow says he's confirmed the rumor about Miami Heat player Kyle Lowry's backside.

On Sunday night (April 30), Jack Harlow was in attendance in Madison Square Garden in New York City for the Miami Heat and New York Knicks playoff game. Apparently, during the game, Kyle Lowry took a shot and landed in Jack's front row seat, giving the Generation Now rapper an opportunity to come in contact with Lowry's viral derrière. Jack reported back to his social media following with his findings.

"Kyle Lowry just took a fadeaway 3 and landed in my lap," Jack Harlow wrote on his Instagram Story along with a photo showing him sitting courtside at the game. "The rumors are true. His s**t was like a pillow. "

There is a running joke about Kyle Lowry's build, with many fans joking that the best way to describe him is "thick." The Heat guard's butt even has its own Twitter page @kylelowrysbutt.

Jack Harlow is fresh off releasing his third album Jackman. on April 28, the follow-up to his Grammy nominated album Come Home the Kids Miss You. The latest offering from the Kentucky rhymer features 10 songs and contains production from Boi-1da, DJ Dahi, Hollywood Cole and more. The album has gotten high praise since its release. The song "They Don't Love It" has made headlines, as Jack claims to be the hardest White rapper since Eminen on the track, which sparked a debate online.

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