At this point, Drake's ability to do pretty much anything he sets his mind to is downright comical. Last night (Nov. 29), the rapper/actor/singer/TV producer showcased yet another sliver of his multi-career virtuosity when he interviewed Toronto Raptors star point guard Kyle Lowry after the team's 126-113 victory over the Charlotte Hornets.

Stepping up to Lowry, who'd just dropped 36 points in the win, Drizzy jumped into the role of reporter pretty easily. "So Kyle, uh, you had 36, five and six tonight, I just wanna know, what prompts a performance like that?" Drizzy asked Lowry, taking on the slightly exaggerated earnestness sports reporters so often do.

Before interviewing Lowry, Drizzy was offering commentary on the game itself. The funniest bit came when he discussed Jeremy Lamb's tattoo. "I feel like Jeremy Lamb has the answers to the third quarter woes tattooed on his right leg. It's cryptic. It's cryptic. It's drawing me in, boys. What is that?" the Toronto rapper said to a few laughs. "What do you ask for when you get that, you know what I mean? 'Give me the Da Vinci Code.'"

If you've been following Drake's career in recent years, you're probably not all that surprised by his comedic instincts, knack for being on camera and his interest in basketball. This past summer, the rapper hosted the first annual NBA Awards. Maybe he'll get to host again. He is the Toronto Raptors Global Ambassador after all.

Check out videos of Drizzy's interviewing Lowry and giving game commentary in the videos below.

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