Yesterday, producer and founder of record label The Inc., Irv Gotti took to Instagram to announce the start of a new lifestyle company named MXV, a brand created by Gotti's sons, nephew and rapper Ja Rule's sons.

Although very little information on the MXV brand has been revealed, the company brand was named after Ja and Irv's individual companies. Combining Ja's, Maven company with Irv Gotti's Visonary imprint, the MXV brand was created and trademarked. Along with the apparel, the boys will be throwing parties and events that cater to the 21 and under crowd for young people to meet and share ideas.

As of now, the MXV brand already has an Instagram page, which features a detailed look at the Maven x Visionary T-shirts and snapbacks. Stay tuned with XXL for more information regarding the MXV brand.

Now this is #dope. My sons. And @ruleyorkcity sons and my nephew has started a company. It's called MXV. They took the names of there dads companies and merged them. Again. Ja's company is called Maven and My company is called Visionary. So they combined the 2 and the name of there company is called MXV. Which is incredibly DOPE to me. MXV when I ask them. Is like a LIFESTYLE Branding Company. They will have clothes which they made and designed and you can see in the pic. And they will throw Parties and other Events that cater to the 21 and Under Crowd. Which if you are 21 and Under. There isn't a lot of parties or things to do. To meet other people your age. Other than your school. When they told me there idea and plan. I thought it was HOT. And like anything they do. I give them all my LOVE AND SUPPORT. But they are doing everything on there own. They trademarked the name. Met with the manufacturer to do the tee shirts and hats. And I believe they even have a place to sell there clothes. So please. Everyone follow them to keep up with there company. @mxv_sonny @mxv_jayy @mxv_lilrule187 @mxv_ju Especially if you are 21 and Under. They are on to something. And look out for Ja's Reality Show #FollowtheRules I believe the company breaks worldwide on the show. CONGRATULATIONS BOYS. It's the 1st step towards achieving your goal. Be Proud of the Accomplishment. But also know. The work has just started. Go after it. LIKE SAVAGES. Love Yall. #goodfellas #mxv #thenewregime The IG page for MXV is @mxv187

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