After more than two decades of feuding, Ja Rule and 50 Cent's longstanding beef appears to have no end in sight.

Speaking with the titular host on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen Sunday night (Oct. 6) Ja once again spoke on his beef with Fif, performed in Saudi Arabia over the summer. Ja first attempted to distance himself from the conflict saying "when you entertain clowns, you become a part of the circus." Cohen then asked Ja Rule to say three nice things about 50, and that's when things became vicious.

"He's a bad father," Ja Rule began. "He got like a big, square-like head, and one more thing. What else can I say nice about him? He looks like his breath stinks all the time."

The late-night host looked confused by Ja's version of "compliments," but Ja made it clear it's impossible for him and Fif to play nice. "We're sworn enemies forever," Ja told the host.

The last time Ja Rule came for 50 Cent he called out the Power producer for the comments he made on The Breakfast Club about 6ix9ine during the time of the rainbow-haired rapper's testimony against Nine Trey Gangsta Bloods members.

"Pot calling the kettle black," Ja wrote with a rat emoji on Instagram. When people started coming at him for commenting, Ja added more.

"Here come all the dick riders. I love making you nut guzzlers BIG MAD... your hero 50 a hoe I would @ him but I'm blocked... punk mothafucka can dish it can't take it. @cthagod come get ya mans!!!," Ja wrote.

See Ja Rule continue his 50 beef for yourself just below.

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