J.I.D is more than ready to unleash his first project since 2017's The Never Story. Last night (Nov. 11), the 2018 XXL Freshman posted the tracklist for his DiCaprio 2 album, which drops Nov. 26. He also shared the production credits for the project.

The Atlanta rapper revealed that producers like J. Cole, Wondagurl, ChaseTheMoney and the late Mac Miller have all contributed to the 14-track album.

"Skrawberries," which is a track that was produced in part by Mac aka Larry Fisherman comes not long after J.I.D hit the stage for Mac Miller: A Celebration of Life in L.A. last month. In an Instagram post uploaded back in September, J.I.D, who the Swimming rapper had tapped to go on tour with before his untimely death, spoke about Mac Miller's production on his upcoming project.

"Mac came thru and helped post produce and organize on almost every song on here, I worked on being a better writer, even outside of punchlines and shit," J.I.D wrote in his caption. "Like I can rap all fuckn day but I like writing songs and shit too, whatever, like I really just challenged my self to becoming better, period, plus me and you guys(us) have formed a special bond and that can’t be taken lightly, i appreciate every like, follow, message anyone that has ever sent, told someone about my music, trolled me, anything, thank u, hope you guys enjoy this trip we about to take, p.s I wrote all this shit but I wouldn’t read it if someone else wrote it Lmfaoo it’s just a lot, lol if U still reading this u really love me and you care lmfao, I care too and I love ya so I’m still writing this, ok, gotta take off to Berlin Now, love ya, p.s.s this album is for car rides, working out and smoke sessions(in cars) or wherever u wana smoke that’s sonically friendly."

Although he dropped the producer credits, the Dreamville signee conveniently left off the featured artists except for J. Cole, who appears on J.I.D's most recent single "Off Deez." Guess we'll just have to wait just a bit longer until we see who else is on the LP.

Check out the tracklist and list of producers below.

J.I.D's DiCaprio 2 Album Tracklist and Production Credits

1. "Frequency Change" (Produced by Christo)
2. "SlickTalk" (Produced by EWonder and Kenny Beats)
3. "Westbrook" (Produced by Christo)
4. "OffDeez" (Produced by ChasetheMoney)
5. "151 Rum" (Produced by Christo and Nice Rec)
6. "OFFdaZoinkys" (Produced by Christo)
7. "WorkingOut" (Produced by 2thirty5)
8. "Tiiied" (Produced by Elite and Ron Gilmore)
9. "Skrawberries" (Produced by J. Cole, Mac Miller, Masego and Ron Gilmore)
10. "Hotbox" (Produced by Skye Hutch and Zorro)
11. "MountedUp" (Produced by Hollywood JB and Christo)
12. "JusttheOther" (Produced by Bobby Kritical)
13. "DespacitoToo" (Produced by Frankie P)
14. "Hasta Luego" (Produced by Wondagurl and CuBeatz)

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