Rappers and fans alike have taken Mac Miller's sudden passing to heart since news broke Friday afternoon (Sept. 7). Several artists dedicated their shows to him over the weekend, and now J. Cole has become the latest to show love during his performance in Las Vegas on Sunday night.

"How many people in here know about the root of all evil? How many people know about that?" Cole asked the crowd as he broke down in tears. "They make it so you can't live without it." In another video, the KOD lyricist shared a heartfelt moment with fans before performing "Love Yourz" off 2014 Forest Hills Drive.

"I'm not tryna wait 'til I die to deal with my shit. I'm tryna deal with my shit right fuckin' now, I ain't tryna wait," he shared. "'Cause I know if I don't deal with it, it's gon' keep fucking with me; it's gon' keep throwing me off track."

Mac Miller died at the age of 26 from an apparent drug overdose. Law enforcement  believe his San Fernando Valley, Calif. home was cleaned before police investigated, as they only discovered "a tiny amount of white powder" as they scoured the premises, according to TMZ.

Oddly enough, Cole and Miller just collaborated for the first time on Mac's latest effort, Swimming. During his interview with Zane Lowe in July, the Pittsburgh, Pa. rapper reminisced over the time J. Cole sent him two beats while he was in Hawaii—one turned into "Hurt Feelings," the second track on his new LP. "You know, we had a conversation, and conversation is [the] most important part. As long as you can have conversation you can make music," he told Zane. "He sent over some tracks and I did ["Hurt Feelings"]."

A vigil will be held tomorrow (Sept. 11) at Pittsburgh's Blue Slide Park in Mac's memory.

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