J. Cole's only offered up a few features over the last few years, so you know he really likes an artist if he drops a hook or verse on their song. So with that in mind, it's probably safe to assume Jermaine's a big fan of Salomon Faye, an artist he appears alongside on his new song, "Live and Learn."

Featuring an understated, melancholy instrumental, "Live and Learn" finds New York City-based Salomon Faye getting introspective as he reflects on his own personal demons and philosophical questions.

"I used to see rain as the proof I can cry with no fear, but now I gotta hide my own tears so I don't seem weak/I don't even want to see me 'cause I don't know that nigga/I don't owe that nigga/To tell the truth, something to show that nigga," he spits on the track, keeping an almost emotionless delivery throughout.

For his part, Cole slides through on the hook, solidifying the depression that permeates the track. "'Cause I've been living way too long in the right or the wrong/I'm as small as a fly with the shit I'm on/So keep going get lost/I don't want to be found/You won't see me if you looking around," Cole half-sings on the track.

"Live and Learn" will appear on Faye's King Salomon EP, which is due out on Nov. 23. Check out "Live and Learn" for yourself below. Read more about Salomon Faye in The Break piece we wrote about him a few years ago.

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