Fans have been waiting patiently for J. Cole and his Dreamville family to deliver their compilation project Revenge of the Dreamers III. Well, the wait is about to be over.

On Monday (July 1), Cole hopped on his Twitter account to deliver some great news. “Revenge of the Dreamers dropping this Friday,” he tweeted.

ROTD3 is a super collaborative project from an exhaustive “rap camp,” which consists of 10 consecutive days of recording sessions featuring Dreamville artists and a lengthy guest list of hip-hop’s best rappers and producers.

"It’s like a super-collaborative environment—inviting, welcoming. That’s taken me time to learn," Cole told XXL in March 2019 about the recording process. "I’ve just started learning that lesson about four years ago [with 2014] Forest Hills Drive. Let me listen more. Let me allow people into this world. That came from Bas. Watching Bas work on his first couple albums was inspiring to me ’cause he’s a super-collaborative artist. He’s a nigga that needs people—the producer, the musician, ideas."

Cole, who went on his KOD Tour last summer, added that he's no longer being selfish with his vision and wants to share it with his other Dreamville artists.

"I was always from a position like, I don’t need nobody," Cole explained. "But that way was only good for so long. It got boring after a while for me. So, watching Bas was really inspiring. It allowed me to be a person that could foster this type of environment for myself and for others, where it’s like, 'You got an idea, nigga? Hell yeah, throw that shit on there.'"

Now fans can hear the fruits of their labor with their compilation album, Revenge of the Dreamers III. Check out J. Cole's album announcement and some behind-the-scenes studio footage below.

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