It's no secret that J. Cole is as ill behind the boards as he is behind the mic. In a video that hit the Internet on Monday – see above – the viewer gets an exclusive look at Cole World making a beat from scratch on his tour bus.

In the two-minute clip, J. Cole is seen chopping up one of his trademark, soulful beats with nothing but a keyboard and a MacBook Pro. At the one-minute mark, he gets up and requests additional help on the keys from Dreamville's in-house producer, Ron Gilmore. There are no exact details on when this took place; however, Cole is wearing a 2014 Forest Hills Drive shirt in the video, so there's a good chance it happened sometime around his Forest Hills Drive Tour in 2015.

The Fayetteville, NC rapper has enjoyed incredible success over the past year and a half. First, 2014 Forest Hills Drive went platinum with no features. Then, Billboard named Cole the highest paid rapper of 2015. In March of this year, he was named one of the headliners for Chicago's annual Lollapalooza festival. Two weeks ago, he was billed as one of the hip-hop headliners for the 2016 Billboard Hot 100 Festival. Even Obama says he's a fan of Cole's music.

Could the above track land on J. Cole's next album? Based on a few snippets of the instrumental, it sounds like another signature Cole record. For more news on Fayettenam's finest, check out XXL's list of 15 J. Cole Facts You Should Know and read about how "No Role Modelz" became his third platinum single.

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