As promised, the highly-anticipated interview between J. Cole and Lil Pump is finally here. The hour-long conversation, which arrived on Friday (May 25), finds the rappers touching on everything from how they got started rapping to Pump's "Fuck J. Cole" movement. Early in the interview, Cole also revealed how a simple phone call put an end to any beef the two had.

According to the KOD rapper, Pump originally wanted to FaceTime him, but Cole thought it was a setup. "Somebody called my phone and you was there with them. I ain't gonna lie, I thought you was trying to set me up or some shit," he said. "I was like, 'Yo, he's 17, he like a master troll.' I think you wanted to FaceTime right?"

Cole says at the time his album had recently released and he thought the "Gucci Gang" artist would take a screenshot of their FaceTime call and post it on Twitter. "'Cause my album had just dropped like a week before that, so I thought if I FaceTimed you, I thought you'd just screenshot that shit and go right to Twitter and keep running with it more," he continued.

After speaking on the phone and eventually meeting at Rolling Loud, Cole says he was able to realize Pump is smarter than most people think. "When I spoke to you on the phone, I was like, 'Yo, he is smart.' I could tell just from talking to you on the phone," Cole said, later adding, "I appreciate the conversation we had and during the conversation—it was so natural—that's when I got the idea like, 'Yo, we should just do this, exactly like we're doing right now, on camera.'"

The feud between Pump and J. Cole hit its peak when the North Carolina rapper dropped the song "1985 (Intro to 'The Fall Off')." While Cole doesn't mention any names in the song, many fans assumed he was talking about Pump. The track eventually led to Lil Pump taking shots at Cole on social media and even dancing along to the song at Rolling Loud in Miami.

Check out the J. Cole and Lil Pump interview below.

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