J. Cole has never hid his love for Nas, even going as far as recording a song called "Let Nas Down." But after the legendary MC was the target of abuse allegations from ex-wife Kelis, Cole doesn't know if he can rock with Nasir any longer.

In an interview with Billboardthe North Carolina spitter admitted he felt hurt after learning about the claims. "Yeah, that hurt. I ain't going to lie. That hurts," Cole said. "It feels weird because I fuck with Nas, but I just have to be honest.

According to Cole, he grew up seeing "too much fucked-up shit" that would allow him to think that's acceptable. "I don’t care who it is. I don’t fuck with people abusing women, and I don’t fuck with people not taking care of their kids," he continued.

While Cole may not take kindly to the abuse allegations against Nas, he did show support to XXXTentacion, who had abuse allegations of his own. Cole touched on X's problems and said he wanted to help the young rapper.

"When I found out [about the abuse allegations against him], my first response was, 'Man, I hope maybe one day I’ll get a chance to talk to this kid and figure out if there’s any place that I can help,'" Cole said. "Because anybody who would do the shit that he did… Hurt people hurt people."

Nas has denied Kelis' allegations, saying he does not beat women and he did not beat his ex-wife. "I didn’t Wana speak up because i have real respect for our women. And definitely my son," he wrote on Instagram. "I do not beat women. I did not beat up my ex wife. Stop. You got beat up in court. How much money do you want? Do you want me to relinquish my rights to see my son is that what you want? Just tell me."

You can read Cole's interview in full over at Billboard.

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