J. Cole's 4 Your Eyez Only album dropped just over a month ago, but the N.C. MC has more new fire waiting in the wing. Today (Jan. 16), he offers up a brand new cut titled "High for Hours."

On the track, Jermaine catches a vibe over a laid back instrumental produced by Cam O'bi & Elite. The track touches on the more serious side of things, with Cole preaching on the backwards thinking of the system as a whole.

"American hypocrisy, oh let me count the ways/They came here seeking freedom and they end up owning slaves/Justified it using what Christianity would say/Religion don't mean shit, there's too much ego in the way/That's why ISIS is in crisis/But in reality this country do the same shit/Take a life and call it righteous/Remember when Bin Laden got killed, supposedly/In a hotel lobby after a show, was noticing these white ladies watching CNN/Covering the action/They read the headline and then they all started clapping/As if Lebron has just scored a basket at the buzzer/I stood there for a second, watch them high five each other/For real? I though this was thou shalt not kill/But police still letting off niggas in the Ville," he spits.

In the second verse, Cole recalls his trip to The White House back in April, and recounts the convo he had with President Obama.

"Raised my hand and asked a man a question/Does he see the struggles of his brothers in oppression?/And if so, if you got all the power in the clout as the president/What's keeping you from helping niggas out?'/Well I didn't say nigga, but you catch my drift/He look me in my eyes and spoke and he was rather swift/He broke the issues down and showed me he was well aware/I got the vibe he was sincere and that the brother cared," the Dreamville rapper rhymes..

In related news, 4 Your Eyez Only has officially reached gold status after six weeks on shelves—with no features, of course.

Stream "High for Hours" above.

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