J. Cole latest album, KOD, ends with the song "1985 (Intro to the Fall Off)," but the track's title had some fans assuming the North Carolina MC had another project in the works. It turns out their theories were right, as Cole has now confirmed he's working on The Fall Off project and a Kill Edward album.

The "ATM" rapper revealed the news on Thursday (April 26) during an impromptu Twitter Q&A. After a fan asked Cole if he had plans to put an album out before he recorded KOD, the rapper said he had been working on The Fall Off and helping Kill Edward with his project.

"Was working on the fall off. And helping kiLL edward with his album. @killhisways but he don't tweet a lot," Cole tweeted.

Kill Edward is J. Cole's alter ego, who is featured on the songs "The Cut Off" and "Friends." Originally believed to be Cole himself, the rapper eventually revealed the character was inspired by his stepfather Edward.

Cole also revealed his plans for a deluxe edition of KOD, which will be the album in its original form, consisting of the songs he recorded over a two-week span. "KOD deluxe will be album in its original 2 week form," he tweeted. "Plus couple extra scenes that didn't make final cut."

It's uncertain what kind of subject material The Fall Off project will consist of but if it's anything like the song, expect J. Cole to take the new generation of rappers to task. The song quickly became a hit on social media thanks to Cole's digs at hip-hop's new sound.

"I'm fuckin' with your funky lil' rap name/I hear your music and I know that rap's changed," he spits. "A bunch of folks would say that that's a bad thing/'Cause everything's commercial and it's pop now/Trap drums is the shit that's hot now."

Check out J. Cole's tweets below.

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