It's only been a few hours since J. Cole dropped his surprise album, KOD, but the North Carolina MC already has a new video for the song "ATM."

The visuals start off with Cole mocking hip-hop's drug culture, as a group of zombie-like children float on ship made of prescription drugs while chasing a dollar bill strung along by the rapper. The colorful video then switches to J. Cole counting his money in a room before the kids bust the windows and chase him out.

The rapper's lust for money continues to grow as he makes he way to a blackjack table, where he loses all of his chips. With most of his riches now gone, Cole heads to a used car dealership to buy a car but unfortunately for the rapper, the vehicle literally costs him an arm and a leg. The visuals ends with J. Cole chasing the same dollar bill from the beginning of the video, dying before he can reach it. But in a twist of irony, the $1 bill lands on the rapper's dead body.

Released on Friday (April 20), Jermaine's latest album checks in at 12 songs long and only features one guest appearance from Kill Edward, who fans believe may actually be J. Cole. Ahead of KOD's release, a song by Kill Edward called "Tidal Wave (Just a Little Reference)" was uploaded to music streaming services and sounds very similar to Cole's voice.

Check out the "ATM" video below.

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