TDE's newest signee Isaiah Rashad dropped a new track today titled "RIP Kevin Miller," which appears to reference the murder of Master P's younger brother, Kevin Miller, who was reportedly killed during a robbery where he was shot by a man addicted to heroin in 1995.

"I need diamond teeth / Livin' like it's 1998 / Like when Percy was the King / Back when Juve was the Great," Isaiah raps, referencing the era when Master P's No Limit and Cash Money, spearheaded by the multi-platinum-selling Juvenile, were running Southern hip-hop. P referenced his brother's death in the track "When They Gone" off his 1995 solo album 99 Ways To Die.

"Said he never die but now he's 6 feet deep / With a tombstone / Oh my god my brother's gone / And I don't even fucking think I can go on," Master P rapped in that song, shouting out his brother in text at the end of the track's music video, which depicts a funeral.

TDE president Punch appears to confirm the reference in a tweet, below.

Listen to "When They Gone" here:

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