ILoveMakonnen may have teased an OVO crew album last week, but he's forging forward on his own on a new track titled "Solo." Premiering Tuesday (March 15) on Zane Lowe's Apple Beats 1 radio show, Makonnen said the track is "about getting out there doing it by yourself."

"Solo" will be featured on Makonnen's Drink More Water 6 which is set to drop this Friday. Before the track played, the rapper explained to Lowe how the concept came about. “I was in the studio in Atlanta in a session. I was asking all these people to jump on songs," he says. But his studio-mates eventually ran out of creative juice, leaving Makonnen to go at it on his own. “You get out there solo if no one wants to ride with you,” he went on to explain. “Let everyone out there know you can strike out and do it solo if you're not getting the support you need.”

The track itself is a laid back wind, with Makonnen saying, "Riding in my low-low with no one beside me / I can do it solo if nobody’s riding," on the hook. Elsewhere, he raps, "I swear my album better drop this fall" adding to some speculation that he is perhaps unhappy at OVO. Listen to "Solo" down low though and be on the look out for Drink More Water 6 later this week, which as Lowe mentions, is song seven on the 11-track offering.

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