UPDATE (April 20):

Playboi Carti is still hinting that Whole Lotta Red could be released soon. Following the tweet Uzi posted to preview a new track, Playboi wrote "rEd " on his Twitter page. Carti's post accumulated more than 61,000 likes in less than 30 minutes.


Lil Uzi Vert has shared a surprise snippet after teasing new music that was expected to be released today.

On Monday (April 20), Lil Uzi posted a nearly minute-long clip of an unreleased track to his Twitter account after trolling Playboi Carti last week.

In the preview, the track begins with a sinister laugh from Uzi before he goes on to attack the beat.

"This is not Siberian, it's Slavi sweats (Yeah, yeah)/Twenty-seven gang, bitch, I hope I'm blessed (Yeah, yeah)/Pull up on lil' stain, I made like 20 checks (Ayy, ayy)/Niggas ain't the same, ain't no goin' back (Ayy, ayy)/She made me deep dicker 'cause that girl got like 20 necks (Yeah, yeah)/My niggas, they made it from the strap, oh yes (Yeah, yeah), strap, oh yes/My niggas was in the jail same day they layin' on the jet (Yeah)/My niggas go where I go, that's a fact (That's a fact)," the 2016 XXL Freshman raps on the track.

This new music arrives after a week of lead time for what's to come. Last Thursday (April 16), Lil Uzi weighed in on Playboi Carti's new single tweeting "Just meh," in response to the track titled "@ Meh." Later that day, Playboi went on to tweet, ". MoNDaY," insinuating that he would be dropping more music. Uzi Vert quickly chimed in, "so u dropping Monday Bet it." Uzi followed up his previous tweet and wrote, "soon as HE drop imma drop again."

Uzi's trolling of Playboi Carti left fans confused after Uzi confirmed they were no longer beefing on Twitter a few months ago. But now, the tweets Uzi has fired off seem to be telling a different story. Fans are unclear where the two rappers stand at this point.

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