After a couple of unsuccessful single attempts, Iggy Azalea might have finally found the song to push her sophomore album, Digital Distortion. She's now teamed with rumored boyfriend French Montana on the new track "Sexy."

The fast-paced banger is built to ring off in the club. It appears as though the Aussie rapper has gotten her swagger back, as she goes hard on the verses spitting, "He said that I spark his interest/I'm not easy to impress/Ain't no dress code to this fresh/Ain't no lay away on this dress/Thrilla in manila/Got the white chinchilla/Got the ice cream dripper/Pussy tastes like vanilla/I know you tryna beat it up like godzilla/But how many licks will it take till you get to the middle."

French adds flavor to the track by delivering the chorus of, "Hey pretty lady/Girl, you can be my baby/I think you so underrated/And I can't wait to hit it, hit it/Now baby come and get it, get it/Sex-sex-sex-sexy, I want your love."

The two artists have been spending a lot of time together recently, prompting many people to speculate that they are dating on the low. There have been several instances that have prompted people to take notice, including the time a couple months back when the Coke Boy bought the "Fancy" rapper seven diamond rings. And the time he flew her and her friends out to Cabo for a good time.

Check out their chemistry on the new collab, above.

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