Iggy's comments in GQ where she said, "At the very worst, if I have a short-lived career, at least I could say I sparked a change—that I inspired some leniency in what people accept in hip-hop.” Twitter began to flood with memes about the former
XXL Freshman. One participant that was notable was Ebro. The Australian MC is not one to hold her tongue at all. She took to Twitter to voice her opinion.




After a while Ebro jumped into the discusses and addressed Iggy directly.



Iggy Azalea is not one to back down from anyone. The "Fancy" spitta has had a lot of Twitter fights. Who can forget Snoop Dogg And Iggy's huge back and forth battle on social media last fall. And how about all her battles with Azealia Banks—who a Jeopardy contestant confused Iggy for—being, she got called out by Eminem and received a history lesson from Q-Tip.

Iggy Azalea doesn’t think she’s getting a fair shake. She claims that cries of appropriation are unevenly distributed because she's a woman. Kendrick believes people should back off Iggy and let her be. After people attacked Kdot for supporting the "Black Widow" rapper, she was quick to stand up for him.

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