French Montana is probably feeling like Biz Markie and Mario right now: "But you say I'm just a friend!" The Coke Boys rapper and Iggy Azalea recently went to Mexico together, fueling the rumors that the two are dating. Now, however, Iggy claims the two are just friends, according to TMZ.

In the video, a TMZ reporter asks Iggy, "Everybody wants to know: you and French, how are you doing?" The Australian rapper responds, "I'm single. We're just friends." The reporter asks a follow-up question, "You guys would make a good couple, though. What are the chances? With one being the least likely and 10 being the most likely." Azalea simply responds, "Above five."

So, is Iggy just trying her best to keep her budding relationship lowkey? Her answer of "above five" clearly means there's something going on that she's not revealing. ICYMI, French, Iggy and some friends flew down to Mexico for some time in the sun and the two rappers got awfully close, keeping those aforementioned dating rumors afloat.

Back in July, the two were spotted leaving a Las Vegas party together, with sources telling Us Weekly that “at multiple points, he leaned in to her and swiped his hand across her lower back and shoulder.” Iggy later told E! News that the two were just working on a new single in Mexico, with a music video shoot to follow in the coming weeks.

Yet, in the video taken in Mexico, he places his head right on Iggy’s behind, a big grin covering his face. Iggy split from her fiancé, Los Angeles Lakers guard Nick Young, back in June, so whether she and French are furthering their professional relationship or something more can’t quite be determined, though she certainly seems to be enjoying the company.

As for Swaggy P, he hopes Iggy and French get married.

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