Idk didn't make XXL's 2018 Freshman list, but that isn't stopping the Maryland native from dropping his own Freshman freestyle. On Thursday (June 28), Idk shared the visuals for "Trippie Redd's Freestyle,"—the same day XXL released Trippie's actual Freshman freestyle.

Rapping from a warehouse setting that is similar to where XXL holds the freestyles, Idk takes a page out of Kanye West's book, starting his freestyle off by saying, "This next verse! These bars!" The rapper then proceeds to go in on his critics, picking apart any and everybody who has come for him.

"Killin' bad rappers is legal across the nation, bitch/Die, die, die, die, die/And I say it with passion/Half these people talkin' shit don't say shit/When you leave the internet/And you just happen to see 'em in passin'," he raps.

Idk doesn't stop there though, as the rapper continues to call out his haters on internet, spitting, "My comment section usin' cracked iPhone 5Ss to hate my blessin's
Wildin', click your page/All I see is, 'This profile page is private'/With a profile picture of Michael Jordan's face cryin'/Probably 'cause I'm ballin' like I'm Lebron and you retired/While a nigga still chasin' them rings like Blac Chyna."

While Idk didn't make the 2018 XXL Freshman list, the rapper doesn't appear to be too upset about it, posting a Photoshopped version of the cover that features his face over all of the rappers.

Watch the video for Idk's "Trippie Redd's Freestyle" below.

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