IDK celebrates his birthday in the best way imaginable. Yesterday (May 23), the newly minted 26-year-old DMV rapper unloaded a new song by the name of "Star," a confident tune that finds him flaunting a controlled but frenetic flow as he sprints across an ominous BL$$D & Marcato-produced instrumental.

IDK doesn't mince words on the track, which begins with a wave of boasts. "Bitch, I am a self-made, Black paid nigga with a big dick/I'm surrounded by green like I'm sitting in a picnic/You surrounded by hate but you love me, you can't pick which/You big mad or lil mad? Me, I'm just big rich," he spits.

IDK keeps that same energy for the hook, which finds him once again proclaiming his greatness. "Big dope, used to sell smoke/White goat, she got white nose/I ain't no killa, ain't no hitta, ain't no ho/I'm a sinner, I'm a winner, I'm a muthafuckin' star/Bitch I am a star/M Sport coupe, that's a fast car/Worry bout me, and you won't get very far/Bitch I am a star, bitch I am a star," he raps.

This new track pops up about two months after IDK teamed with Russ and Joey Bada$$ for "Lil Arrogant," a tune that finds each rapper delivering the same sorts of in your face bragging IDK pulls up with on "Star." It arrives seven months after the rapper dropped his critically acclaimed IWasVeryBad album.

Check out "Star" below. Revisit his Chief Keef collab, "17 With a 38," when you're done.

IDK via SoundCloud
IDK via SoundCloud

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