Ice-T and his wife, Coco, recently announced that they're expecting their first child together. The couple, who are currently testing their new daytime talk show, Ice & Cocohave been doing a bit of a media tour in hopes of becoming a television staple. This weekend, though, they were on Bravo's Watch What Happens Live, and as The Daily Mail reports, Coco made some comments that have raised more than a few eyebrows. "I think all women should do [be submissive to their husbands]," she said, describing her relationship with the legendary gangsta rapper-turned-actor. "I am a slave to him. It has been 15 years and it has worked out." Ice was quick to quip that the arrangement is "by choice" and gushed about how lucky he is that his wife cleans when she's upset.

The couple also took time to address the rumors that Coco would not be carrying her child to term on her own. "People think I am having a surrogate because there is nothing there," she said, in reference to her distinct lack of a baby bump. Coco has been famous in the past for her openness about her sex life, but she admits that the pregnancy--they expect daughter Chanel in about three months--has curbed their bedroom habits a little bit. 'I think [we have sex] less," Coco said.  "I am trying to be careful with little Chanel, not to over do it. We can't go hardcore with it, you have to be a little more delicate."

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