This has really been a year full of fire videos; so many quality visuals have came through this week. It's almost Christmas, but your favorite rappers aren't taking any days off. Hip-hop never stops, no matter what Santa says. A big group of your favorite pre-Christmas rap videos await; XXL holds you down, as always.

Ice Cube is living legend, a voice that was instrumental in the earlier days of West Coast gangsta rap. He's recently decided to drop new music with the release of his album Everythangs Corrupt last week. The lead single is "That New Funkadelic" and now it gets a video of it's own. The visual is styled like an old Parliament video, going for psychedelic effects, remixed with Cube's touch. This is a fun look into the California pioneer's newer music; he's having fun and it's infectious.

The sound of YG's 2018 album Stay Dangerous mostly stays in tune with its title but there were lighter moments mixed in. One of those breaks is the Quavo-assisted "Slay," an ode to women who are just too fly. YG dropped the video this week which takes place in heaven, of all places, with YG sitting on a stairway and Quavo rapping at the pearly gates. Their version of the afterlife is one big party; seems like a pretty good way to spend the rest of your days.

YBN Nahmir scored big with "Rubbin Off The Paint" and "Bounce Out With That," which reflect the sound of young hip-hop while also showing just how polished he is. That kind of momentum lead him to link up with fellow Atlantic Records labelmate Wiz Khalifa for "Cake," a cut off Nahmir's and his crew's YBN: The Mixtape. The video is not about birthday cakes at allnbut it did drop on Nahmir's birthday. It's definitely cool, a meeting between two artists who fit together well from two different eras of rap.

This week also featured music from Blueface, Skinnyfromthe9, Melii and more. Catch them all below.

  • "That New Funkadelic"

    Ice Cube
  • "Slay"

    YG featuring Quavo
  • "Cake"

    YBN Nahmir featuring Wiz Khalifa
  • "Too Fast"

    Skinnyfromthe9 featuring Wiz Khalifa
  • "All I Really Want For Christmas"

    Lil Jon featuring Kool Aid Man
  • "Wreckless"

    Mike G
  • "See Me"

  • "Back 2 HipHop"

    Black Eyed Peas featuring Nas
  • "No Effort"

  • "Intro: Babs"

    B.E.N.N.Y. The Butcher featuring Keisha Plum
  • "Don't Tell Me It Can't Be Done"

    Dizzy Wright
  • "Ride Around"

    Matt Ox
  • "Bleed It"

  • "IDGAF!"

    Bishop Nehru
  • "Black Hearted"

  • "Live On"

    Drumma Boy
  • "Sirens"

    Saba featuring TheMind
  • "Bacc On My BS"

    Cuz Lightyear
  • "Jermaine (the intro)"

  • "Family"

    Sauce Walka
  • "By The Scale"

    Derez De'Shon
  • "Black Bandana"

    Koran Streets
  • "Trauma"

    Meek Mill
  • "Put It Down"

    Problem featuring 03 Greedo
  • "Frostbite (Remix)"

    Preme featuring Rich The Kid and Offset
  • "Girl's Best Friend"

    2 Chainz featuring Ty Dolla $ign
  • "Money"

    Cardi B
  • "Red Night"

  • "I Came Through"

    YoungBoy Never Broke Again

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