Ian Connor has been going back and forth with A$AP Bari on Twitter the past couple days, and on Wednesday (Nov. 23) he shared a screenshot of what seems to be a conversation with Drake. You can read a portion of it above.

In the screenshot, Drake says, "Trust bro. The blissful times of being new and exciting and non threatening are over. There is real people suffering thru issues based around their own misery and frustrations and their reaction to it all is being taken out on those that threaten their bubble. Anyone that disrupts that feelings of the world revolving around them. Kobe ended his career with an entire campaign about how much people hate him. What a way to have to exit. To feel like I was too good that even in my farewell we have to address the years you spent hating me for it. Just don’t let it make you bitter. Pls. I am happy despite waking up everyday and someone new flipping on me or talking down. And I have grown to the point that revenge makes me happy because my revenge isn’t malicious it’s warranted."

In Drake news, his More Life apparently has a release date. Social media personality ItsBizkit let slip in a new interview that fans can expect the project to drop Dec. 3.

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