The Bay is one of the more underappreciated regions for hip-hop, even with its storied history. The area has birthed plenty of generational talents like E-40 and Too $hort, along with more recent stars like SOB x RBE. In between those eras was HBK Gang, the crew that rapper and producer Iamsu! leads. The Heartbreak Gang captain is back with a new video, "Young Boy," where he keeps it simple by sharing camera time with his friends and some new whips.

The visual is directed by HBK Gadget, making this an all in the family production.  The video starts with an aerial city view, then shows Su kneeling next to a luxury car and rapping. The rest of the video unfolds in this same parking lot, with close up shots of Su's impressive jewelry. He also rides through the town, reflecting on how his life has changed.

The song's hook is equal parts typical rapper boasts and real vulnerability. "Young boy, out here on the block tryna get it/Big bands on me, and my watch cost a ticket," he raps. But, Su shares a bit more about his goals. "I just wanna get my pops out the Civic/Can you dig it."

Things haven't been all good for Iamsu! over the last year, as he was accused of sexual assault late last year, which he vehemently denied. But he's put that behind him. Soon after, he dropped a video for his song "6 Speed Wins" and is slated to appear at Rolling Loud Bay Area next month.

Check out the "Young Boy" video below.

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