IAMSU! keeps things basic in the video for his aptly titled new song, "Back 2 Basics." He dropped a visual for "I BE" just a bit more than a week ago.

The new visual, which was directed by HBK Gadget, finds IAMSU! riding around with a friend as the bouncy, piano-driven "Back 2 Basics" plays as the soundtrack. When he's not riding around with his friend, he's posted up, acting out the lyrics to the track in front of a woodsy area.

On the song itself, IAMSU! rides the beat perfectly. "Walk in the building get it jumping/My girl got swagger but she dumb thick/I'm 'bout that cash, fuck all that dumb shit," he spits on the track, emitting a cool confidence with each bar. On the whole, the song is somehow laidback but energetic, and the same can be said about IAMSU!'s new video for it.

IAMSU!'s been a really busy guy over the last year and some change. In 2016, he dropped off his 6 Speed and Kilt 3 projects. Thus far, he's dropped Boss Up, Boss Up 2 and Boss Up 3 in 2017. As his two latest videos show, he's not planning on slowing down any time soon.

Peep IAMSU!'s "Back 2 Basics" video for yourself below.

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