Nah'Right is still killing the internets even though it's several years old already. My favorite shit is Nah'Right Lite. You might be surprised at some of the articles that get posted there.

There are some real good Hip-Hop related business articles get filtered through those links. Read this joint from the Wall Street Journal about Michael Rapino, the CEO of the entertainment promotion company Live Nation...

Rock’s New Republic

My favorite quote is from Madonna's manager, “People used to tour to promote albums, now they put out albums to promote tours.”

The sick shit is that on the low Live Nation is pwned by Clear Channel so don't get surprised when Jay-Z's latest album is spinning on their radio station 4x an hour. They are gonna figure some kind of way to recoup that initial outlay of money that they are giving to artists and performers. This advance is the kind of check that will allow you to sprinkle actual diamonds on your Lucky Charms. If I were an unsigned rapper my dream would be to get a Live Nation deal.

Although Live Nation is only fucking with you if your shit is stadium status.

Listen to this old Jay-Z verse with a Fela Kuti beat as the backing track. This shit is gonna cause stampedes in Nigeria when it comes through the speakers. Thx to 2d0peb0yz.

Jay-Z x Fela Kuti - 'Sweet'

The only other dude in rap Live Nation may consider fucksing with is KanYe West. I think that will be the tour package for 2009. KanYe, Wayne, Jeezy and some chick or girl group sandwiched in there. Brought to you by Live Nation.

Pretty soon one company will own all the record labels, radio stations and liquor companies.

And Jay-Z will be their president.

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