Hus Kingpin has made a name for himself on the independent scene by consistently dropping quality work. The MC out of Hempstead, N.Y. is a throwback with his penchant for dusty beats and witty rhymes. Kingpin is getting ready to bless his fans with another project soon, so he's unleashed a new track called "Tombstones in the Sky" to build the hype. The track sees him and frequent collaborator Rozewood dropping bars over the soulful production of Wu-Tang affiliate Bronze Nazareth.

"I'm seeing 40 dead faces at once/Cocaine, I'm waved up/Unplug cord, Lucifer's hug/Don't talk to me with a pride, that's a lesser you/I put that toast to your forehead and bless you, slime/You breaking my heart/I spray you apart and spread you on the ocean barge/The ghost rides in the fog/Ghost god or wave lord, we like Mahershala/Ali on my feet/Flow like a butterfly on Nazareth beats," Kingpin raps on the second verse.

The song shows off Kingpin's wordplay, which is something that comes from his wizardry with the pen. In an interview with RESPECT Magazine, the East Coast rhymer spoke about how his writing has changed since moving to California.

"[The] writing process is all about energy for me," Kingpin said. "The perfect time is usually fresh out of the weed dispensary or when I’m with Rozewood, who also lives in L.A. now. I usually go to the studio and smoke, chill, then I’ll probably fall asleep, I hate writing in the studio, but I’ll do it with the right energy."

Kingpin's "Tombstone in the Sky" will appear on his 16 Waves mixtape, which is scheduled to drop tomorrow (Jan. 24).

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