Hip-hop fans were tuned into Hot 97's Funkmaster Flex last night (July 27) to hear Meek Mill's response to Drake's "Charged Up" and were left thoroughly disappointed. The supposed song never aired and Flex was called out on Twitter by Meek's tour DJ, DJ Bran, saying that Hot 97 did not have the record:

This morning, Ebro Darden addressed the situation on Hot 97's "Ebro In The Morning" show and claimed that Meek told the station that he was going to give Flex the record to play on his show. "We specifically were told that Meek had something for Flex last night and we waited...And waited...And waited...And waited," said Darden. "Y'all can go as hard as y'all want at Flex....We don't record music and we don't write rhymes. We go off of people's word, man, and if someone gives us the word that they want to rock with something, we'll rock with it.

"I can speculate many different ways why that song didn't come out last night but I'm not here to do that today...We was waiting for the Meek thing and it didn't come through. And Flex, like a good friend, and somebody who Meek was probably like, 'Yo, I wanna give you this Funk. We rock together, when I was locked away, you still played my songs. I want to give you this.' And Flex and anyone else at Hot 97, we need to take that heat until we find out otherwise, that's part of the game."

Ebro then went on to call out Power 105, which got an exclusive interview with Birdman, alleging that they pay gossip sites for coverage and the station is nothing but an imitator of Hot 97. Whether we get a Meek Mill response or not, this will likely spark a radio war for the rest of the summer.