One year after dropping his last video, Hopsin returns with "The Purge," and he's also served up a creative new visual for the track.

The new self-directed visual serves as a recreation of events from The Purge film franchise, which sees U.S. citizens of the not-so-distant future get permitted to commit any crimes they want on one day of each year. They call it "the purge." In the universe of that film franchise, there are folks that support purging and those who work in resistance groups to combat the purgers. The video makes it sort of unclear which side Hopsin's on.

In some parts of the visual, the former Funk Volume rapper is seen lurking around the corner of someone's house as the occupants are preparing for an execution. It looks like he's about to swing in for the rescue. In other clips, he's playing the role of Abraham Lincoln and President Obama. The Ku Klux Klan even shows up. There's a lot going on.

The track itself finds Hopsin using a hyper-speed flow and scathing lyrics to denounce tenants of the rap game. His rhyme schemes here are ridiculous.

"I'll be damned if I'm thrown on the backburner/Fuckin' maniac purger, the rap-server/The cat burglar, who been committing the mass murder/That's word to the G-O-D, fucking the game from the POV/Niggas beg and they plead on knees/There'll be no peace, the D-O-G, I feed on beats/If niggas wanna die they can lean on me," he spits on the fast-paced track.

Check out "The Purge" below or on any streaming platform. You can cop it on iTunes now.

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