Hopsin is back with another new song and video and they're both ... pretty interesting, to say the least. Titled "Happy Ending," the zany new track finds the former Funk Volume rapper taking a trip to a local asian massage parlor where he hopes to get a "Happy Ending."

Hopsin originally uploaded a video for his new song, but YouTube took it down for nudity. A short time later, though, what's presumably a revised version got re-uploaded to the site.

The visual begins with Hopsin kicking back with his friends in a restaurant. They're having a typical guys convo when the topic of a happy ending comes up. Turns out, his friends don't really know that a happy ending is an orgasm induced by a woman at a massage parlor, so Hopsin, being the swell guy he is, decides to enlighten them. He does so with a little story about his own special massage parlor experience.

From there, we're taken to the massage spot where Hopsin sits in the lobby before being taken to a backroom for a massage. Soon, he gets his happy ending—or in other words, has sex with her.

Hopsin spoke on the initial removal of the video, and he wasn't too happy. "I busted my ass on that happy ending video! I can't believe they removed my shit! Fucked up my whole marketing campaign," he said early Friday morning (Oct. 13). "I ain't see no nipples in that shit. I wore a dick sock," he wrote in another tweet.

Watch Hopsin's new video below.

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