Honey C is back. Today (July 6), a couple months after dropping off her song "No Time," the Toronto-bred artist pulls up with "Veteran," the latest single from her forthcoming Wildfire album.

Taking place at what looks like a kickback, Honey posts up with her friends as she lets all of the good vibes of her new tune soak into the atmosphere. Produced by Bewill, "Veteran" finds Honey C, formerly known as Honey Cocaine, talking that talk in a way fans have come to know and love.

"Take a bitch back like a repo/Ain't gotta fight got an eagle/You ain't got tools, Home Depot/Louis V store for the reload," the Tyga affiliate spits on the new track. Honey says the new song is about self-improvement.

"'Veteran' is about bossing up in your love life, your work life, and your personal life," Honey tells XXL.  "It's about upgrading your surroundings, improving the company you keep, and transforming into your best self but at the same time embracing your flaws and learning from your mistakes. It's about moving forward, with a smile on your face while building a Queendom. Pushing the bullshit to the side and celebrating your blessings with the people you love most and sometimes that means celebrating you all by your damn self!"

She continued by discussing the process by which she made the song. "The studio was filled with laughter, Hennessy, and positivity when I recorded 'Veteran' and I hope it does to same to every room that it's being played in when it's available for the listeners. I also realized the working females, the women bosses, the dedicated girls in school, rarely have true anthems to blast loudly and proudly in their everyday lives. I kept in mind all the grinding women I love in my life as I was creating the project and I am honored to say these women and all you dope ass women out there are the real MVPs for inspiring almost all of the lyrics."

Honey's latest song and visual arrives as she makes her return to hip-hop after taking something of a hiatus. With her Wildfire album set to drop on August 3, it's clear she's revving up for a serious next several months.

"For 2018 after my project is released I really want to start touring off my music again and really just start killing it most professionally moving forward at a high quality on every release," Honey says. "I want to also work with some boss females in the game this year and make some new anthems for the beautiful dope ass women out there." Word.

Check out Honey's new "Veteran" video, as well as Honey C's Wildfire tracklist and cover, for yourself below.

Honey C's Wildfire Tracklist

1. "Woke Up Feelin" (produced by Bewill, Ray Lennon, Arktkt, Beuyes Florentz Dormnivil)
2. "Whole Lotta Shit" (produced by Shy Boogs and Ray Lennon)
3. "Numb" (produced by Bewill and Ray Lennon)
4. "Two Cents" (produced by Bewill and Ray Lennon)
5. "No Time" (produced by Bewill, Ray Lennon and Pete Alexander)
6. "Yea Yea" (produced by Bewill)
7. "Veteran" (produced by Bewill)
8. "Chain Smoking" (produced by Bewill)
9. "Str8 Up" (produced by Bewill, Ray Lennon and Arktkt)
10. "Light it Up" (produced by Bewill and Ray Lennon)
11. "Wild Fire (Bonus Track)​" (produced by Bewill)

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