Hodgy Beats drops a laidback loosie today (June 10), tipping his hat to the greats who came before him. On Hodgy's new track "Greats," the former Odd Future rapper/producer leaves the beatmaking up to Jake Uno and drops a free-flowing verse about aspiring to achieve greatness.

"They can't live without the greats/They compare you, debate, no return or rebate/They blow your head up/Paparazzi shoot you, you deflate/Only kin to ya relative other niggas can't relate/So they hate/Can't live without the greats/I'm moving state to state/My state of mind is outer space/Moving weight, the flame got a fire rate/Niggas pointing fingers like King Kong on Empire State/I see 'em in my rearview tryin' catch up, I Andale/I'm a lyrically physics/Calculate and I calibrate/Worth no procrastination, move up from ade-quate."

Hodgy's new joint comes just in time as the music world has been losing many of its greats this year. So far in 2016, the music world has mourned the deaths of Natalie Cole, David Bowie, Earth Wind and Fire's Maurice White, A Tribe Called Quest's Phife Dawg, and Prince. Outside of the music world, legends of the sports world have been passing and affecting the hip-hop world as well. World renowned boxer Muhammed Ali and mixed martial artist Kimbo Slice both passed away this month.

With lines about uping the ante on his raps, Hodgy's new track could be a sign that the Pasadena MC is getting more serious about rapping than ever. Last time we heard from the Dena Tape rhymer, he was trading jabs with Odd Future's former leader, Tyler The Creator, so it'a nice to hear him get back to the music.

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