Video killed the radio star; truer words were never spoken. Music videos were once exclusively a big budget affair, but the rise in affordable computers and advancements in DSLR technology have made them accessible to artists at any stage of their career. A byproduct is that we're currently in the midst of a WorldStarHipHop and YouTube era, where not having a visual presence means you don't exist. This led to a sea of video content available at our fingertips. It's an excellent time to be a hip-hop head.

All too often, though, hip-hop videos can become cliché -- relying on overused trends, branding, eye candy and static themes. However, there are some artists who, rather than follow the pack, set themselves apart from the standard video-isms and create timeless visceral experiences that keep people taking. Artists like Busta Rhymes, with his colorful outfits and wide angles, Missy Elliott, with her bizarre costumes and comical themes and Odd Future -- who have a cult-like fan base -- have pushed the limits of what hip-hop visuals can be. More importantly, they've helped redefine how weird videos can get and how outside-of-the-box rappers can venture without falling off the rails.

Here at XXL, we've compiled a solid list of strange rap videos you've got to see. From creepy and brutal, to just plain outrageous, these videos go against the grain. So sit back, relax and enjoy a hip-hop ride that's anything but ordinary.

  • “3 a.m."

  • "Let It Go"

    A$AP Ferg
  • “Rella"

    Hodgy Beats, Domo Genesis and Tyler The Creator
  • "Black Skinhead"

    Kanye West
  • "36” Chain"

    Run the Jewels
  • "Strictly For My Jeeps"

    Action Bronson
  • “Under Pressure"

  • "Señorita"

    Vince Staples
  • "Gimme Some More"

    Busta Rhymes
  • "Dope’d Up"

  • "Puppet Master"

    Dr. Dre Featuring B-Real
  • "Yonkers"

    Tyler the Creator
  • “Avian"

    Mac Miller
  • "Ashley"

    Big Sean Featuring Miguel
  • "My Homies Still"

    Lil Wayne Featuring Big Sean
  • "Lose Control"

    Missy Elliott
  • "Kill Screen"

    Jean Grae
  • “WHOA"

    Earl Sweatshirt
  • “Werkin Girls”

    Angel Haze
  • "Maniac"

    Kid Cudi Featuring Cage

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