What's beef? The moment your favorite rappers take aim at their enemy and air out their dirty laundry for the world to see. And with hip-hop at the center of beef since the beginning of time, it's no surprise that 2015 came with its fair share of disagreements. The war of words may be entertaining for the public, but when the animosity is transferred from records to real life, the results can be damaging. There have been criminal charges, or even worse, death due to rap beef.

Just in the past two years alone, the Game, Young Thug, 50 Cent, Lil Wayne, Stitches, Slowbucks, Troy Ave and numerous other rappers have been involved in beef. Some of those encounters have resulted in fights, robberies and other unfortunate circumstances that put a black eye on hip-hop, which is the last thing the community needs. It's understandable that situations get of hand from time to time, but it always seems better to put pride aside and stand on the side of peace for the culture.

But, sometimes, beef is entertaining. When those Twitter fingers get going, you never know what comical tweets will follow. However, it's always a great thing to witness rappers who are able to put their differences aside and make peace. And even better, make moves toward creating great music for us to enjoy. Check out the notable instances where the war of words was deaded this year. Take a look at the 17 Rappers Who Squashed Their Beef in 2015.

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