Hodgy Beats is doing just fine without Odd Future. The ex-group member just dropped his newest mixtape Dukkha today (Aug. 31) via Soundcloud. With production handled by The Beat Brigade and Thelonious Martin, Pasadena's Hodgy Miyagi takes listeners down a wormhole stream of conscious. Hodgy called the new project "pre game before my album" in an Instagram post earlier this week.

Hodgy's former MellowHigh cohort Domo Genesis dropped his own debut album Genesis back in March while his fellow MellowHype member Left Brain has been dropping music sporadically all year in anticipation for his Mind Gone mixtape.

It's interesting to note that Hodgy didn't lay down any of his own production on this project considering he used to be OF's go-to beat maker. The musician's Wikipedia page has even changed his stage moniker to Hodgy Star.

Check out Hodgy Beats' Dukkha tape above and be on the lookout for a debut soon.

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