It's been over two years since Tyler, The Creator said Odd Future was "no more" and while the collective has never officially confirmed a breakup, former member Syd is revealing how things soured.

During a Reddit AMA on Wednesday (Sept. 13), Syd was asked about the rise and fall of the group. According to the singer, while the group always believed what they were doing "was special and important and historic," touring tore them apart.

"Shit got out of hand when we started touring," she said. "Most of us never had money and had never been on tour, and it was a lot to take in. We were kids. Still are."

While it doesn't seem like we will ever get another project from the entire Odd Future collective again, Syd said her group, The Internet, is a good alternative. "What people thought OF was is what The Internet actually is."

Syd announced her departure from the collective in 2016. During an interview with The New York Times, the singer said she felt lonely in the group.

“I couldn’t talk to any of them about it,” she says of sharing her emotions with the group. “We weren’t all that close, and they never seemed to want to hear it.”

She also claimed Odd Future wasn't happy about her departure, claiming the group felt they lost their "get-out-of-jail-free card." Syd said, "They weren't happy about it... It's easy to say they aren't homophobic because Syd is there."

On Sept. 7, Syd dropped the EP Always Never Home. A follow up to her 2017 debut album Fin, the three-song project features production from Anonxmous, Gwen Bunn, Ricci Riera and Full Crate.

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