Social media seems to run everything in hip-hop. Rappers use Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat to promote their music, engage with fans and let loose -- from their everyday ideas to their frustrations. And sometimes, what's most entertaining for fans is when rappers rant online or even feud with other MCs. The fun in these little online exchanges keep fans refreshing their feeds to get the latest on the rifts. Thankfully, the war of words rarely translates to real life actions.

In 2015, there were plenty of social media meltdowns that will go down in rap history. Metro Boomin threw some subliminal shots at rappers for copying Future's mixtape strategy, Iggy Azalea quit and returned to Twitter more than she dropped new music and, of course, let's not forget Meek Mill's massive late-night firestorm of tweets when he called out Drake for allegedly using ghostwriters. The Philly rhymer ignited the summer's most hilarious rap beef, which caused some of the game's most popular rappers to chime in on who really won. Meek's rant did create some dope music: Drake's Grammy-nominated diss track, "Back to Back."

Everyone knows who in hip-hop has the loudest mouths and the quickest tempers. And in the digital age, that leads to the fans and critics heading over to the must-watch Twitter timelines of very specific artists. Notice there are some repeat offenders on this list who frequently get emotional online (Iggy, Kanye and Azealia, just to name a few.) Here's a round up of the most entertaining social media meltdowns of the year.

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