There’s no question Allen Iverson is one of the greatest basketball players to ever step foot onto an NBA court. The 11-time NBA All-Star and former MVP of the league has always had strong ties to the hip-hop community and most recently, The Answer made headlines after a brief encounter with G.O.O.D. Music President and rapper, Pusha T.

Regarded as hip-hop's favorite NBA player of all time, Iverson changed the game in and off the court by doing things his way. During his 14-year tenure in the NBA, the former Philadelphia 76ers shooting guard was not only well-accepted by rap folks worldwide, but he became the basketball player every rapper wanted to be like. From A.I.'s mannerisms on the court to his dress code and his rebellious ways, Iverson became the player that hip-hop could relate to on a different level compared to previous NBA megastars.

At the start of his career in the NBA, the Virginia native appeared in commercials alongside Jadakiss for his first Reebok signature sneaker. A few years down the line, A.I. would take a crack at the rap game after dropping his single "40 Bars." While Iverson's rap career was short-lived, his popularity and legacy among rappers and hip-hop continues to live on.

Today, XXL highlights some of the rappers who have been caught in the past taking a flick alongside the legend, Allen Iverson.

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