Whether you a fan of DJ Khaled or not, you can’t deny his impact in today’s hip-hop culture. With his inspirational and memorable quotes, as well as his keys to success, DJ Khaled has become undoubtedly the king of Snapchat. Now, with well over 2 million people checking out each of his Snapchats on daily basis, the Miami DJ reigns supreme as the hottest thing online.

From his “We The Best” ad-lib to his inspirational “You smart! You loyal! You’re a genius,” phrase, DJ Khaled has become the person everyone wants to hear when they’re down and out and looking for inspiration. Sure, Khaled’s quotes are considered a bit bizarre and hilarious at times, but it’s the way in which the Florida DJ delivers his passionate phrases that have catapulted to a whole new level.

With DJ Khaled continuing to takeover the world with his music, business ventures and energetic personality, it’s his quotes that have given people a new life and have spread like wildfire ion the internet. With everyone having a little DJ Khaled in themselves, XXL hit the streets of NYC to get people’s best impersonation of the popular DJ.