Hardo keeps the dope collaborations coming, this time linking up with Ty Dolla $ign on the new track "New Bitch."

In case you havn't guessed, on the new track, the Pittsburgh rapper and the Cali crooner are going out with the old and in with the new. "Left my bitch cause she ain't no good/I'mma find a new bitch and fuck her real good/I'mma find a new bitch and treat her real good/I'mma do the things that a real man should," Ty croons on the chorus.

Hardo takes over from there, carrying the song's position with bars like, "I done found a new bitch, then fuck her real great/Move my diamonds out the way, now bitch look me in the face/She addicted to the girl, told her scrape the whole plate/She been high for 4 days, only go on coke dates/Tell a bitch to tell her bitch, her ice my wrist, been taking risks/And I been flexin', got her pissed, cuz my new bitch be on her shit/I'mma blow a lil cheese with some crackers at the Ritz/I'mma drop my whole top, but she gon' show 'em both tits."

Ricky P on the beat.

This collab was a long time in the making with Ty and Hardo linking up through a mutual friend. "Ty heard my project Trapnati 1 when I was locked up, he tweeted about it, we was already cool thru Wiz — we had met and kicked it a few times," Hardo said of how the song came together. "So when I came home we locked in at paramount in LA during a Wiz session and Ricky P put that beat on first and we came up wit the track."

Hardo has dropped some hard collabs this year, most recently linking up with Meek Mill on "Love Foreal" and 21 Savage on "Blasphemy."

Listen to "New Bitch," above.

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