Today, Oct. 20, marks the birthday of legendary Long Beach, Calif. rapper Snoop Dogg, who now turns 47.

There isn’t much more to say about one of the greatest ever. Snoop continues to evolve as an artist—which is indicated in his various name changes. Reinventing himself is just a small part of Snoop, though, as the legendary MC stays passionate about entertaining fans with his hilarious GGN video series and more recently hosting the BET Hip-Hop Awards for two years in a row before being bestowed with the I Am Hip Hop Icon Award in 2016.

If it needs to be said again, then so be it: the innovator of gangsta rap hasn't lost his step. With over 20 years in the rap game, Snoop's almost done it all. He's launched a marijuana website and has even starred in a cooking show on VH1 alongside Martha Stewart.

In 2017, Snoop revisited his gangsta rap past by dropping off an album by the name of Neva Left, an LP that suggests gangsterdom was never in his past to begin with. Earlier this year, Snoop flipped the script entirely and went full gospel, dropping of an LP called Bible of Love.

Happy birthday, Snoop! Throw your dubs up.

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