Hamburger Helper has entered the rap game. If your April Fools' Day skepticism peaked after reading that, you are completely justified. But no, this is not a fake. Hamburger Helper has actually released a five-track mixtape.

Watch the Stove is purportedly released by their mascot Lefty. Apparently the Hamburger Helper's Twitter account has been showing signs of being a struggle rapper, even hinting that Lefty would drop a mixtape. The brand delivered on that promise with April 1 being a very fitting release date.

Production is handled by the likes of DEQUEXATRON X000, Retro Spectro, illwin, Realistic Productions, GenReal and @itsdandy. An unidentified rapper handles the vocals on this one, though it is supposed to be Lefty if you are playing along. What's most shocking about all of this is the project's not that bad.Sure, all of the content here has a Hamburger Helper theme. But many of these songs would not sound out of place on your latest playlist.

"Feed the Streets" is a typical banger. "Hamburger Helper" offers up some trap vibes, complete with an Auto-Tuned hook. "Crazy" sounds like something Kool Keith could have concocted. "Food For Your Soul" is a relaxing record. And "In Love With the Glove" closes the project with its modern R&B stylings.

As bizarre as it may seem, this is an effective marketing ploy from the folks at Hamburger Helper. You can stream the entire Watch the Stove project as well as read some of the reactions on Twitter and watch the "Crazy" video below.


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