Less than a year after the release of Haram, MMG's Gunplay is gearing up for his next album, Active and it looks like he's tapping some big names.

Announced on May 18, the 12-track project is set to release on June 22 and will feature the previously released singles, "My Phone," "Cheap Thrills" featuring Rick Ross, "My Definition" featuring Curren$y and Masspike Miles and "F Me F U" featuring Sam Sneak." Active will also include guest appearances from Lito and Kidd Adamz.

When he's not making music or video games, Gunplay can be found being a father to his teenage son. The rapper recently spoke with XXL and offered some advice on fatherhood to recent new dad, Travis Scott.

"My advice to Travis Scott on being a new dad is enjoy it," Gunplay told XXL. "Enjoy it like, it's dope. Don't miss no shit, ’cause that's, trust me, I've missed a lotta shit, you know what I'm saying? Don't miss shit, man. Them lil' muthafuckas is the dopest muthafuckas. I'm telling you dog, trust me."

The rapper also spoke about fatherhood in hip-hop and how someone like DJ Khaled can be seen as a father figure. "It's good for hip-hop, because we come from urban areas where, you know, the fathers is not around," Gunplay said. "They either in two places. You know what I'm saying? So, it's a lot of single mothers."

Check out the Active tracklist below and pre-order the album here.

Gunplay's Active Album Tracklist

1. "Intro"
2. "Black Inca"
3. "No Way Jose"
4. "Shpeckit"
5. "Interlude" featuring Lito
6. "My Phone"
7. "F Me F U" featuring Sam Sneak
8. "Cheap Thrills" featuring Rick Ross
9. "My Definition" featuring Curren$y and Masspike Miles
10. "Caps Flyun" featuring Kidd Adamz
11. "Finish Lines"
12. "Outro"

Black Bilderburg Group / EMPIRE
Black Bilderburg Group / EMPIRE

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