Gunplay give fans another taste of his upcoming album this week (May 29) with the new track "Patience."

Though the song title suggests that the rhymer possess the virtue, the lyrical content of this banger implies anything but. The Carol City, Fla. rapper goes off for the three-minute run.

"Only thing on my mind, payin' back what I owe/That's a bullet to the head, that's a blade to the throat/And I swear to the Lord, he goin' straight to the morgue/For not knowin' what he doin'/'Cause there's a line you don't cross/Now you did, now you dead/Drop a bike on your head," spits Gunplay.

A little over two weeks ago, Don Logan announced his sophomore solo album, The Plug, was on the way and dropped the track "D-Boy Fresh" in celebration. Gunplay also shared the tracklist for the project, which boasts only two features: Tracey T. and Mozzy. Speaking of Mozzy, the East and West Coast connected big time recently for the pair's joint mixtape, Dreadlocks & Headshots. Bump that if you haven't already.

The Plug, which is being released through Real Talk Entertainment, is set to arrive June 9. In the meanwhile, listen to "Patience" below.

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