Gunplay and Mozzy showcase just how "out here" they are in their new video for "Out Here Really," a track from their recently announced Dreadlocks and Headshots project. In the song itself, we find the two rappers spitting some convincingly grimy bars about their activities in the streets. In the video they steal a cop car.

Before the cop car stealing we see Gunplay and Mozzy hovering near the train tracks, which they're both from the wrong side of. When they're not doing that, we see them beginning to plot their cop car heist, and once they get it, they're so brazen, they even cruise through the drive-thru with it. Crazy stuff.

"First you gotta crawl, then you gotta fall, that's the only way a nigga gon' ball/Fucking with a shot-caller, AK-47, that's the only shot I'm gon' call," Mozzy raps in the opening verse, setting the tone for the street vibe of the song. The Sacramento MC recently pitched himself to be a 2017 XXL Freshman.

If the rest of Gunplay and Mozzy's new project is anything like this, we'll definitely be in for something great. Thus far, everything they've dropped has been dope, so there's no reason to think they won't maintain the quality.

Check out the video for "Out Here Really" below.

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